The Morgan Hotel

Temple Bar, Dublin 2018

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The Morgan Hotel project consisted of a rebranding and repositioning of the Hotel within the MHL collection.  We refurbished the ground floor reception, lounge, bar and 3 floors of bedrooms, meeting rooms and restrooms. We also just recently completed the fourth floor and new build 5th floor of Bedrooms and Suites.  168 Bedrooms & Suites in total.


NO. 10 Fleet Street Restaurant & Bar - as part of the rebrand, we separated out the new Cocktail Bar and Restaurant to create a city identity.


Cocktails and mixology are gaining in popularity in Dublin, and the regular pint and a glass of wine has been replaced with beautifully presented spirits and liquors, with smokers, shakers and paper straws.  It is a performance, bar theatre and comes with delicate accoutrements such as copper whisks, slices, bitters and peels. Sitting at the bar is an entertainment in itself.

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