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Microsoft European Operations Centre

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The project comprises 16,700 sq.m. of office space to accommodate 800 staff in a 75:25 cellular office : open plan ratio, with provision for a 240 seater staff restaurant, health centre, gymnasium, training suite, and informal coffee bars. A fully air-conditioned building with high IT content, with innovative and cost effective design solutions.

The design of the workplace at Microsoft is structured around the creation of key nodal points within the layout to encourage maximum staff interaction. These nodal points followed the natural circulation patterns within the building.

A range of meeting spaces were catered for and encouraged throughout the building: informal chat space, quick meetings over a coffee at the coffee bar; soft armchair type hubs for brainstorming sessions; and formal meeting rooms. Individual treatments are applied to the communal hubs, greenbox meeting rooms, and break out spaces.

The central atrium space is the social heart of the project. It accommodates a 350-seater restaurant with coffee bar, sandwich bar, and a servery offering a wide range of food options. It is a flexible space, allowing for full gatherings of the entire staff. It facilitates meetings of various sizes during off peak times.

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