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Marriott Hotel

Haiti 2014

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The Marriott Hotel is a new build hotel in Port au Prince. It was built to replace the lost bedrooms after the 2010 Earthquake. The intention was that a new North American branded hotel would give confidence to the international business markets to come and work in Haiti.  We worked with Marriott to reflect this rich local culture in the hotel. 


We travelled though Haiti recruiting local Artists to come and work with us and we designed their art into our scheme and worked with them on the details to make it happen.  Metalwork is a particular artform in Haiti. We worked with local metal work artist Philippe Doddard to integrate his design work into our screens at reception.

AWARD Marriott Hotel, Haiti, Winner Best Hotel Design, Caribbean Property Awards 2015

AWARD Marriott Hotel Haiti, Shortlisted for Fit Out Awards 2015

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